The New Webster Hall

December 14, 2008

Last night marked the beginning of the New Webster Hall.  The marquis outside read something like “137 Years of Fun.”  I can’t believe W.H. has been around that long, but it is a landmark, so I guess that sounds about right.

The door is done by some nightlife characters.  Kenny Kenny (ex Club Kid), King (wearing a some type of long fur coat) and Ruben Rivera (didn’t see him last night) manned both doors.  Once inside, I stumbled upon 1-2 new Club Kids (if you want to call them that).  You get a feeling that W.H. is going for the old Limelight/Palladium feel, which I wasn’t quite around for.

Steve Lewis (designer of Marquee and Butter) was put in charge of all the new renovations taking place over the past 3-4 months.  The rooms weren’t all completed until minutes before the doors opened around 11:15-11:30ish.  The hip hop room, otherwise known as The Marlin Room, was using furniture borrowed from another club (Rebel) for the night, which seemed to work well, at least for last night.  In the coming week, there will be a completely different bar and banquettes installed in that room.  Cassidy was the DJ for the Marlin Room last night; he spun old school hip hop (think Curtis Blow, The Sugarhill Gang and 95 South) as well as current mainstream music.  The Retro Kids were there to support Cassidy while he did his thing in the booth.

Moving over to the main room and balcony of the main room, Kaskade played on the stage all night to the delight of all the Euro’s and other house music loving people.  The main room looks very similar to Mansion.  The disco balls moves up and down and the entire lighting structure (you know, that circular steel thing close to the ceiling) moves up and down, and tilts side to side.  The balloon drop is still in effect too, in case you’re wondering – it dropped several beach-ball sized balloons into the crowd throughout the night.

The basement aka The Studio, which had been called all sorts of names related to sweating (due to the lack of AC) was actually pretty cold and filled w. a L.E.S. crowd.  Music in The Studio was electro-rock for the few minutes I strayed away from my table to check it out.

The World Room has a pretty cool design going on inside.  Not sure exactly which music was played though, but The World Room is upstairs off one side of the balcony.

One room, which I have since forgotten the name of, looks like it was unfinished and freshly painted, due to the smell of paint inside.  The bar was made out of wood and the walls were orange.  This is the room to the right one the floor you enter in.

There were some familiar faces from different clubs I’ve worked at in the past. These faces included: doormen, promoters/hosts and managers.  While the main components of the club (like the marble staircases) are still intact, you get a different feel from the Webster Hall of a few months ago.  The crowd is being worked on, but there were definitely a bunch of models I spotted there last night mingling with the rest of the crowd, which was mixed,  but definitely not bad.  This seems to be the place to come and have fun.  This is not a place to sit around and look good while people watch you – – go to 1OAK or Gold Bar for that.  Mix top DJs (Mark Ronson on December 20th) with a fun crowd and drinks which aren’t overpriced, and you have the return of the dancehall.


New Blog Coming Soon

August 2, 2008

We’ve been running our blog through WordPress, we still are, but have been using a re-direct from to go to – – Now there is no more re-direct; the blog is fully functional through our original domain.  If you go to, you will see it is pretty much blank as of now; we are working on some new themes to make the blog more reader and ad friendly.  Hopefully we’ll be running through our new domain by the end of the weekend.  Keep reading this one until we figure stuff out.

Thanks for being patient,

-A.M. Lifestyle

New LOLA T-Shirts

August 1, 2008

The LOLA crew is back at it with some new t-shirts.  There’s also a new limited edition skate deck…but since we don’t “kick, push,” we’re more interested in the shirts.  Check them out below and buy them on their website

New Balance Pigeon’s To Shit On Nike!

August 1, 2008

We’ve only seen one person EVER, with the SB Dunk “Pigeon’s;” They were and still are an extremely rare “breed” of sneakers from the time they dropped, which lead to their huge popularity. Now Staple Design has teamed up with New Balance to bring you the NB Pigeon’s. The same grey/orange colorway will be used with the pigeon logo on the heel, as expected. We know this time around, we’re going to try to get our hands on a pair…but we doubt it’ll be easy! [HypeBeast]

If U C Sumthing, Txt Sumthing?

August 1, 2008

We don’t cover too many police related (if any) stories, but we found out Ray Kelly is setting up a program where people who witness crime, can record it with their phone, and send it to 911 directly. You will also be able to txt directly to 911 as well. Txting has become the preferred method of communication for all 18-30 year olds, so it is no wonder the police commissioner is stepping up and taking some actions towards reporting crime and possibly preventing it to begin with…good job Mr. Kelly – now leave our favorite nightclubs alone please!

Introducing: Mendis Coconut Brandy

August 1, 2008

Yesterday evening, we stopped by a private tasting event for the world’s first coconut brandy company, Mendis. We were invited by Chris Richardson, the CEO of Mendis to come down to chat, mingle with some new people, and of course, try his new creation. Mendis is a clear brandy that mixes well with anything vodka would mix well with (so pretty much everything). We tried it straight and with pineapple juice and it was pretty great; we can’t wait to make sangria with it! Mendis’ first bottle will go for a cool $1 million at their launch party in Miami…we sure hope this includes tax/gratuity — Any buyers?

(Check back for some pictures from the photo shoot that went down at the event as well)

Add This To The Cocaine/Champagne Diet…

July 31, 2008

The Three C’s to every socialite/models diet: Cocaine, Champagne and Crisps?  Take a look for yourself; are these even real?!

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