New Crackberry Bold MSRP and Release Dates

The new Blackberry Bold has surfaced the internet before this blog…so we’re not going to try and make it sound like we have new information because the phone itself is coming out, rather we have some new info on the phone as far as price and release dates. Most major carriers will carry the Bold, but AT&T will have it first in July. Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile will get it sometime in September. All dates aren’t finalized yet and are likely to change slighty. Oh, and the price…$300 for all carriers except T-Mobile which will likely be $350 (whatever, their plans are cheaper anyway).

Everyone will just have to wait for it to come out, EXCEPT John Mayer who happened to get his hands on one early according to the JOHN MAYER Blog where he says “I like cool stuff, early. Is that so wrong?” No, it’s not wrong, but you just pissed off everybody waiting for this phone…way to go, scumbag!


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