Reduce Wallet Size with your iPhone?

We just came across potentially one of the best uses for your iPhone and or iPod Touch. Most people have a wallet with membership cards to places they barely frequent, yet we are reluctant to ever take out the cards out of our wallet (we know, we leave useless cards in our wallets too); a blogger, Albert Alberts (Lifehacker) has come up with a great idea to solve our overflowing wallet problem…he suggests you scan your membership cards into your computer and sync the pictures into an album on your iPhone/Touch. Now when you want to scan yourself into your gym, or scan your membership card at the supermarket, you can take out your phone and scan, well, your phone. Apparently this DOES work as the barcodes are still easily read from the Apple screens. We’d love it if somebody can actually try this and leave us a few comments with how well it worked.


One Response to Reduce Wallet Size with your iPhone?

  1. Artem says:

    This application is also available for Blackberrys offered by RIM so if u dont feel like dropping over 400 on an iphone u can get a curve for about 50 bucks and enjoy!

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