Getting You Ready for The Hamptons’ White Parties

White parties have grown in popularity ever since Diddy high publicized his A-List only white party a few years back.  Should you be attending one of these parties this summer out in the Southampton area – we have you covered with some items to complete your outfit.

First up, you’re going to need a shirt – but a regular white dress shirt will make you look bridge & tunnel, so choose one like this instead.  Below is a Hugo Boss linen long sleeve shirt ($175 from with sleeves that are easy to roll up to keep you looking and feeling cool as the party gets hot.

Let’s face it – the white shirt you’ll wear again, maybe at another party in the summer…so invest in a good one like the Boss one above – but for pants, you probably won’t be wearing white linen or white denim pants any time soon (unless you have a second white party), with that being said, look for an inexpensive pair, like these two a.m. linen pants ($59.50 from

Or if you’re feeling like spending a little more and getting a pair of jeans (which you might get more summer use out of than linen pants), go for Seven for All Mankind’s white denim shown below ($163 from

Now you need a pair of kicks.  White sandals could be an option especially if you’re going to be near or on the beach.  If not, go for a pair of white John Varvatos Converses ($95 from

Now your outfit is complete.  Hopefully we helped you in your search for cool white party gear.


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