Derek Jeter’s New 24 Hour Gyms

Derek Jeter has partnered up with 24 Hour Fitness to open up 3 locations in Manhattan and 1 in New Jersey. We don’t care too much about NJ (we’re not going to lie) but the 3 locations in Manhattan are Madison Square Park, SoHo and Midtown (53rd and Lexington, Citicorp Building). Derek had a hand in designing the new 24 Hour gyms, so they should be appealing to both gym rats as well as celebrities. The first installment of the series of gyms is the 28,000 sq ft. Madison Square Park location on 225 5th Ave set to open in June.  Oh, and the membership fee…a reasonable $287 one time fee and $94 a month; you can check out more info on the clubs at By Clicking Here


One Response to Derek Jeter’s New 24 Hour Gyms

  1. Janet Brennan says:

    I live in Hasbrouck Heights and I was wondering about when this center will be completed? Will you have any specials for pre opening joining. I just read that the fees are $287 one time fee and $94.00 a month. Does that apply to NJ too? Usally gyms have pre opening prices that are discounted.

    I want to join a gym and we have two gyms, one brand new in Tetoboro and one about a year old in Hasbrouck Heights. I will wait to join your gym but need to know when it will be ready and if it will be discounted for joining before opening.

    Janet Brennan

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