Review: D’tro

Last night we popped in D’tro (stupid name…sounds like there was a typo and it should have been D’tor..which is already a protein bar) for a few minutes aka the new Retox. I don’t know why they bothered renaming this place because it is 95% unchanged. We think they removed 2-3 tables towards the back by the stage and that’s about it. When we left around 1:30 A.M., we think there was about 50-75 people in D’tro as everybody was in Prime which is connected and surprisingly open to walk from Prime to D’tro.

Overall, they need GOOD promoters for D’tro and should make it “2 parties” and close the door connecting the two venues. Last summer Retox was packed with a pretty decent crowd – the music was always great – – so maybe that’s what D’tro has in store for the coming months.

As for Prime, if you aren’t on a guest list, cover is $30 – are they kidding? You might as well walk across the street to Mansion and pay a similar cover for a better party/venue.


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