Best Late Night Food

What night is complete without eating after you finish partying? With most deli’s generating considerable revenue from 2-5 A.M., it is no wonder why almost every deli near any club, bar or lounge is open around the clock; however, not all deli’s are created the same. With only a select few deli’s actually serving good/edible food, we recommend you eat at other spots late at night…here’s a list of our favorite late night destinations.

Krunch – located on 2nd Ave btwn 51st and 52nd – this modern pizzeria makes some of the best slices you can eat at any time of the day (but of course everything tastes better at night). Get the Buffalo Chicken Slice ($4) – it’s thin, and topped with spicy buffalo chicken, Gorgonzola and celery. On Friday and Saturday Krunch is open til 4 A.M.

Empire Diner – located at 10th Avenue and 22nd St. has been a staple in Chelsea for decades and has some great food. The chunky guacamole ($7) is our favorite and comes with tortillas to dip. The Empire Diner has outdoor seating, perfect for the warmer temperatures of the summer. Eat there anytime…it’s open 24/7

53rd & 6th – If this address doesn’t sound familiar to you…it’s okay…you must be a foreigner (at least to great food) – the corner of 53rd St. and 6th Avenue is home to the best Halal cart in all of Manhattan. Get the Chicken & Rice or Combo platter ($6) and make sure to put on some white sauce. Make no mistake, this is the only “street meat” we’ll eat.  They are open til 4 or 5 A.M. most nights of the week.  Oh, and be prepared to wait anywhere from 5-30 minutes on line with other hungry club-goers.

Cafeteria – located on 7th Avenue at 17th St. with bottle service available and rules posted outside like: no hats or loud/tacky jewelry, this is not your average diner. Open 24/7, Cafeteria has the best macaroni & cheese, ever..but make sure you order the it w. smoked gouda and bacon ($10). Ask to be seated downstairs and look out for any celebs (and other good looking people) who always seem to flock to this place for late night eats.

And if you insist on eating something from a deli, do yourself a favor and go to Gourmet Deli on 23rd St. between 7th and 8th Ave. Surprisingly inexpensive for wraps (that come over a bed of mixed greens for $5), this deli has always had fresh food when we’ve ordered.

If we missed your favorite place to eat late at night, leave us a comment with the name and location.


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