Introducing: Delicatessen

The second project from the team that brought you Cafeteria, comes Delicatessen – the new Nolita soon-to-be hotspot on 54 Prince St. (where the staff will be wearing Charlotte Ronson designed uniforms) is officially opening today. In keeping with Cafeteria’s success with their amazing mac & cheese, Delicatessen will eventually have a “Macbar,” which will offer 12 different kinds of macaroni and cheese! Sadly though, the operating hours are not after-club friendly as they close at 1 a.m. We’re hoping their hours will change in the near future as the L.E.S. builds up with new stores and venues; if not, where will all the hungry people in the area go for late-night food?! [NY Mag]

Update #1: We passed by Delicatessen on it’s opening night last night around 10:40 and it was packed but there didn’t see to be a wait longer than 15 minutes for a table.  The wait @ Cafeteria around 3 a.m. is usually longer than what we saw just passing by.


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