Our Kind of Mayor!!

Belmar mayor Ken Pringle may have gotten himself in a little bit of trouble with Staten Island, but earned some respect from us! In his July 4th newsletter he points at Staten Island sluts girls and their Guido counterparts as a problem in his township (which just legalized keg-parties). We’re not sure what problem he is really referring to, other than their “costume-like attire.” He is dead on with his description of people from Staten Island who “put on too much hairspray” and can be seen wearing Armani Exchange (he obviously forgot Ed Hardy) and “artfully distressed jeans on males.” In all fairness to Staten Island, we don’t honestly know the difference between a Staten Island girl/guy and a Jersey-Shore girl/guy…kinda the same thing – put either of them in a room full of Manhattanite’s and they stick out like a sore-thumb.

Update #1: It seems the Mayor will be forced to take a tour of Staten Island to avoid a proposed boycott of Belmar after making fun of the Island.  We have a question…what is this going to solve? Isn’t a tour going to prove his point that Staten Island is really garbage?  What is the tour going to consist of? A trip to the Staten Island Mall…or maybe Snug Harbor…what else is on Staten Island?


One Response to Our Kind of Mayor!!

  1. Edward Gregory says:

    Someone invited me to read this blog. Seemed like an interesting piece on nightlife and related urban topics. Didn’t realise it would be a vehicle for biggotry. Is the question what else is there on SI rhetorical?
    Alice Austen House, home of a pioneer of photography; many historic neighborhoods, including landmark areas like St. George, right off the Ferry; venues for spoken word and performance like Martini Red, Cargo Cafe or Karls Klipper; the largest Sri Lankan community outside of Sri Lanka; some darn good German, Southwestern, Mexican, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Indian restaurants; and more parkland, per capita, than any other borough.

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