It’s Not Cool To Wear…

ED HARDY!! – A brand has never annoyed us like Ed Hardy.  Let’s make this official, we focus on NYC and it is not acceptable club-wear here (we know; we’re out a lot!!) – to make matter’s worse for Ed Hardy, it is not acceptable in L.A. either; our friend/A.M. Lifestyle reader told us earlier last week two skulled-out “gentlemen” were rejected from Villa because of their attire.  You stick out (and not in a good way) when you wear Ed Hardy – if it is not acceptable in NY/L.A., maybe it is cool in Middle-America, and is that how you really want to dress?  Please leave some comments on your thoughts…


2 Responses to It’s Not Cool To Wear…

  1. matt s. says:

    Seriously, I feel sad for people who wear ed hardy. It’s just like Von Dutch, hot for a second, then a freakin disaster! Gross

  2. yana says:

    I did a shoot for prom dresses with a bunch of people from Ohio, and for a lot of them it was their first time in NY. They were rocking their Ed Hardy like it was the hottest brand out, I had to let them down easy and bring them back to NY reality. But they explained to me that Ed Hardy is still cool in Ohio and other mid American states because they get these brands so much later then we do. So we have to understand them!

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