The Eldridge Set To Open Soon?

The Eldridge from NYMag

The Eldridge from NYMag

Matt Levine’s new hotspot, “The Eldridge” (formerly Luv 24/7) has a planned opening for Sunday, July 27th. The new space on 247 Eldridge St. is only 1,000 square feet, but is said to hold 150 people; we don’t know if you know what 1,000 square feet looks like but if it is in fact that size, it will hold around 100 people comfortably and less legally, although you don’t really have to worry about being comfortable when inside because unless you know Matt Levine or their doorman Naaem (from Artwing/GoaG), you probably aren’t getting in. Also, we know The Eldridge was still looking for a staff only 2 weeks ago, so unless everybody is hired and trained flawlessly (especially the bartenders, or butlers as they will be called), the opening might be delayed a little bit. In any event, whenever they open, we wish them the best of luck.


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