Lucky Strike Coming To UES

Lucky Strike, an upscale bowling alley will be coming to the Upper East Side. When and where? We have no idea…but they are hiring an event sales manager. Lucky Strike is big in L.A. (you might remember the guys from Entourage went there for Vince’s movie premiere…Drama took the juice-bag girl with him) and is finally making its way to us. There is even a dress code that is enforced to bowl…pretentious bowling, huh?…We’re all for it!!

Update #1: Take a look at the comments page for this post for more on Lucky Strike, including location and opening info!!


3 Responses to Lucky Strike Coming To UES

  1. Liv says:

    Hey – I actually am the Event Sales Manager for Lucky Strike Lanes in Denver, and here are a couple of details for you!!!

    Location: 600-650 West 42nd St

    and we will be opening mid-September. Got your blog off of google alerts – thanks for the LOVE!!!

  2. amlifestyle says:

    Liv, thanks for the heads up – we appreciate it and hope you enjoy the blog!

  3. Joseph Angelo says:

    Liv, please shoot me an e-mail with your info, I have some questions for you regarding LS

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