Cops Are Swarming All Over Nightlife

On our first trip to OuCh (Outer Chelsea aka Club Row) in over 2 months we realized the police are NOT playing around – there are more cops than ever on 27th and 28th St. We literally saw 4 police wagons on 27th St. (2 on 10th Avenue and 2 on 11th Avenue), a police officer INSIDE the box @ Marquee near Wass (Marquee;s doorman), another officer inside the ropes @ Guest House, among other officers on the street. One underage guy who we saw get denied @ Home last night was immediately asked by two officers who saw him get denied for his ID; needless to say, he was written up and we almost thought he was going to be arrested on the scene. Besides Mansion (and Pink Elephant if you’re into that Euro scene), we think the whole area should close and start again fresh. Perhaps the government should give out liquor licenses more easily in better areas of Manhattan so club-goers wouldn’t have to flock to ex-factories all lined up on one block to party. The nightclub industry rakes in millions of dollars a year in taxes for the government, yet the NYPD seems so eager to shut down clubs every weekend, but more specifically early on in the weekend so the club has to remained closed for the entire weekend until they can appear in court on the following Monday. The closings are meant to hurt owners, but wind up hurting all the employees who lose the nights pay and tips. Anyway, we don’t want to drag on too long, but if you want to know more about this subject or anything related to nightlife, you all should read nightlife impresario Steve Lewisblog.


3 Responses to Cops Are Swarming All Over Nightlife

  1. JG says:

    The reason cops are eager to lean so hard on clubs is…

    A. Club owners not paying them off on time… (Marquee been closed for this multiple times)

    B. Community boards paying more than club owners to push their interests

    C. Real Estate in OuCh is being purchased by big-wig honchos looking to turn what was the trendiest area to go out into the trendiest area to live


    While MePa is not nearly being leaned as hard as OuCh it soon enough will have problems of its own in that Retailers are purchasing space over there which in turn will increase the cost to own a nightclub there, which gives them the option to move elsewhere or put that increasing cost to operate onto their customers.

    Looks like nightlife is moving ferther downtown after all…

  2. amlifestyle says:

    Agreed – The Lower East Side and eventually into Brooklyn will be where New Yorkers will have to go to have a good time. With the opening of Antik on the Bowery, Goldbar in Nolita and now The Eldridge close to Alphabet City, the L.E.S. looks to be where club-owners are moving to. There will be more than just hookah spots down there eventually.

  3. JG says:

    LES / NoLiTa / SoHo / TriBeCa… Downtown Manhattan is soon to be the Mecca of nightlife in Manhattan over the next few years everything will be moving further down.

    Where OuCh was two or three years ago, MePa will be in two or three.

    I don’t see any credible venues moving to Brooklyn or any of the other boroughs.

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