Sir Drake Barbeque Tomorrow Evening

Achieve the Impossible Tee

Achieve the Impossible Tee

Sir Drake, if you didn’t know, is one of the coolest new brands out.  They specialize in polo’s with 8 different icons meaning different things – like a flying pig to represent “achieving the impossible.”  Their collection also includes some cool t-shirts (which we picked up @ Blue & Cream on The Bowery), as well as henley’s and a $800 Quiviut hat (made from Quiviut, which is the most rare fiber in the world).  The details for the event are listed below.

Where: 250 W. 50th St (off 8th Ave) – Suite 23L

When: Wednesday, July 30th, from 530 p.m – 930 p.m.

What: Sir Drake is having a BBQ with drinks from Natural Ice (to give it that well sought after frat-party feel) and Aristocrat Vodka.  Their summer line is going to be discounted (probably to what their website mark-down prices are) to make room for their Fall collection.

Who: Good looking people who know the Sir Drake guys, or read this blog.

Why: Because there is free food/drinks and clothes…what else do you want?!

This is a “friends and family” only event; however, we’re members of their Facebook group (which you should join by clicking here) and saw it on Facebook, so it must not be too private – – and you must be cool enough to go if you read this blog!


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