The Thompson L.E.S. “Opens”

Picture from

Picture from

The new hotel, Thompson L.E.S., across from the soon-to-be-hot-spot The Eldridge, is kind of open, but not really.  Curbed gives us a list of what is and what isn’t ready in the hotel yet.

Lobby: ready, beware rogue stepladders
· Second-floor lobby lounge: Seemingly ready; presence of blown glass decor detected from street
· Spa: not ready
· Andy Warhol swimming pool: not ready
· Restaurant not ready (N.B. restaurant name has just been revealed, and friendly woman on phone tells us that before the restaurant opens “we’ve made arrangements with local restaurants for delivery service,” aka, it seems they’ve collected some menus)
· Bar/rooftop bar: not ready
· In-room minibars: ready and, we quote, “fully stocked” (by Dean & Deluca)

Judging from the list of “ready and not ready” amenities, we say you need to wait a little bit before you want to do an overnight there anytime soon, with rates starting at $299/night.


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