How Old is Too Old To Promote?

With the help of social networks like Facebook, Myspace, and A Small World, it has become easy to start promoting nightclubs/lounges.  In the past you used to have to know people to promote, but now with friend requesting gone wild, promoters of all ages seem to be popping up all over the place – which brings us to our question: How old is too old to promote?

We often see promoters in their late 20s or early 30s STILL PROMOTING.  This is only understandable if you’re trying to own your own place in the near future – but we think unacceptable if you’re:

1) Bringing out a crowd that is 8-10 years younger than you.

2) Not running your own “Marketing/PR Company” of some sort.

3) Bringing out an undesirable crowd to New York’s B and C Parties.

4) Called a creep behind your back by the girls you bring out.

5) Salary comes solely from promoting.

We understand nightlife is addicting – there are many opportunities for anybody who really wants to make something out of themselves by having your contact list grow daily.  We’ve seen the nightlife industry help those involved in: music, fashion, art, drug-trade, etc – but we’d like to see some promoters leave the game and do something beneficial for society possibly.  Sure, showing people a good time when they go out is great and all, but how about a charity event?  We haven’t seen any older promoters (who aren’t club owners) throw any parties or events for a charity or cause of their choice.  Wouldn’t you think some of the “top promoters” in Manhattan would step up and throw one – even if the reason behind it was to improve their own image over the actual cause? Just something to think about.

Wow, an actual article from A.M. Lifestyle; who would have thunk it?


2 Responses to How Old is Too Old To Promote?

  1. uzo says:

    very interesting, i do like your perspective on the age thing in promoting. but i do feel, your basis of analysis on the whole promoting network is on the club scene, there are different types of promoters and methods to promote. majority of clubs are run over by the 20 and 21 year olds who are just so eager to party their bloody asses off. but if your vision on promoting and hosting is solely based on the nightclubs,it is to the detriment of that promoter if they dont have a loyal crowd,but bottle whores that call them(creep) behind your back. but rather a network of friends you can actually have fun with is, is a better goal.

    Now, back to my point about types of promoting, ask first, what a bloody promoter is, your job as a promoter is to bring a crowd of patrons to an establishment, create a buzz,some awareness of a club, restaurant, lounge,hotel,you could easily call it a glorified method of marketing or advertizing(just a little more fun, and less rigid), the sad thing is that the basic perception of a promoter is that he is focused on solely nightclubs, this is very limited, but the enticing perks of it, brings all kinds of people for different reasons to jump on the bandwagon.some promoters use promoting for the purpose of getting free stuff(not paying for drinks,easy entrance,etc.) others use it to entertain their co-workers or bosses from their day jobs. others want an active social life. and some wankers just want to get laid. all this is based on the parties in most clubs, but what about the restaurant host who wants a scene of patrons in his brand new restaurant? or the new wine bar that needs guests to sip and sample wines, i personally am not a big fan the college rowdy kids who jump on tables, so it is pertinent to expand the views and perceptions of what promoting is.

    it is now a very saturated market, but i do believe it is not about the age of the promoter, but the kind of crowd he/she brings, the kind parties and events they host, and also their personality. a good example is having the 35 year old guys who want to party or business investors from prague who just got into nyc, but dont know where to go,i wouldnt recommend a young 21 year old promoter who his knee deep on 27th st to host and entertain them(this actually happened). hypothetically ask yourself, would you bring them to tenjune or mansion?(i really doubt it), a better option would be to host at an upscale hotel lounge or buddha bar, for a more mature feel. i wouldnt have the repungent kids jumping on couches at those places.

    It’s funny watching the style and growth of most promoters in the city, they get into college in nyc, make a few friends in class, then get invited to a party, then they think”hey, i can do this”,then they start promoting,inviting their classmates, their girlfriends and her friends, then they get drunk often, and say yeah”i run the city! i’m the big cheese!”. so bloody funny, the first thing to ask a promoter is, “what is your niche?” they surround themselves with girls who cant afford drinks(bottle whores), then these girls run their drinks to the ground and run off, then they in turn look for more girls,more bottles which equals more tips , really vicious circle,then they wake up at the end of the week, spending more than they have earned. there is more to promoting than the clubs, and the competition with other promoters for girls and tables,lol!!

    but in essence, keep up the good work and interesting views on this b.s. world of hosting, which turns out to be a bore after you see the same faces too much. lol!! i think the charity idea is soo brilliant, more people should think of that. some friends of mine actually host charity parties, mainly at chelsea piers, but the primary focus of clubs is to have profit first,before the charity, and i respect their point of view, give yourself first, before you can give to others, there is a drive to be able to survive a weakened economy, so profit must be maximized.

    cheers and keep rocking stuff up.

  2. Hecktor says:

    LOL Funny as hell bro!

    Some of the things are right but you may not know about things at your level of the game. The Silver Lining Society is a group of us that hold charity galas from time to time and believe it or not its mostly promoters that are 27+ that do it.

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