Introducing: Mendis Coconut Brandy

Yesterday evening, we stopped by a private tasting event for the world’s first coconut brandy company, Mendis. We were invited by Chris Richardson, the CEO of Mendis to come down to chat, mingle with some new people, and of course, try his new creation. Mendis is a clear brandy that mixes well with anything vodka would mix well with (so pretty much everything). We tried it straight and with pineapple juice and it was pretty great; we can’t wait to make sangria with it! Mendis’ first bottle will go for a cool $1 million at their launch party in Miami…we sure hope this includes tax/gratuity — Any buyers?

(Check back for some pictures from the photo shoot that went down at the event as well)


One Response to Introducing: Mendis Coconut Brandy

  1. t. lang says:

    Sounds Delicious. Where can we buy?

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