Finally, a Pronunciation Chart For Your Favorite Designers

July 31, 2008

From Hypebeast, comes a pronunciation chart filled with some of your favorite designers.  You may buy from them, but do you know how to say their names?  Here are the charts; You no longer have to look like a total jackass/rookie the next time you’re shopping.

Admit it…you were surprised by at least one or two pronunciations.


Want to Work For Guest of a Guest?

July 30, 2008

Guest of a Guest (a blog we enjoy reading daily) is now hiring office interns. Perks of working with the Guest of a Guest crew might include going to some of the over-the-top parties with celebs and socialites they cover on their blog.  Their office is stationed in Lower Manhattan, which is more than we can say for our non-existent office.  Check out their post on Craigslist we found earlier by clicking here.

Rififi Set To Close Tomorrow

July 30, 2008

Rififi, the comedy club we told you about a few months ago that featured Demetri Martin several times over a three week period is now coming to an abrupt closing. According to Sandpaper Suit, employees were sent txt messages earlier yesterday stating that Thursday (tomorrow will be their last night of operation. The reason for the closing had to do with the landlord who was raising rent above what Rififi thought they could pay. We do believe there is some truth to their closing right before the 1st of next month aka when rent is paid – but we don’t know for sure right now. It’s a shame workers weren’t given a heads up earlier than yesterday.

How Old is Too Old To Promote?

July 30, 2008

With the help of social networks like Facebook, Myspace, and A Small World, it has become easy to start promoting nightclubs/lounges.  In the past you used to have to know people to promote, but now with friend requesting gone wild, promoters of all ages seem to be popping up all over the place – which brings us to our question: How old is too old to promote?

We often see promoters in their late 20s or early 30s STILL PROMOTING.  This is only understandable if you’re trying to own your own place in the near future – but we think unacceptable if you’re:

1) Bringing out a crowd that is 8-10 years younger than you.

2) Not running your own “Marketing/PR Company” of some sort.

3) Bringing out an undesirable crowd to New York’s B and C Parties.

4) Called a creep behind your back by the girls you bring out.

5) Salary comes solely from promoting.

We understand nightlife is addicting – there are many opportunities for anybody who really wants to make something out of themselves by having your contact list grow daily.  We’ve seen the nightlife industry help those involved in: music, fashion, art, drug-trade, etc – but we’d like to see some promoters leave the game and do something beneficial for society possibly.  Sure, showing people a good time when they go out is great and all, but how about a charity event?  We haven’t seen any older promoters (who aren’t club owners) throw any parties or events for a charity or cause of their choice.  Wouldn’t you think some of the “top promoters” in Manhattan would step up and throw one – even if the reason behind it was to improve their own image over the actual cause? Just something to think about.

Wow, an actual article from A.M. Lifestyle; who would have thunk it?

Sir Drake Barbeque Tomorrow Evening

July 29, 2008
Achieve the Impossible Tee

Achieve the Impossible Tee

Sir Drake, if you didn’t know, is one of the coolest new brands out.  They specialize in polo’s with 8 different icons meaning different things – like a flying pig to represent “achieving the impossible.”  Their collection also includes some cool t-shirts (which we picked up @ Blue & Cream on The Bowery), as well as henley’s and a $800 Quiviut hat (made from Quiviut, which is the most rare fiber in the world).  The details for the event are listed below.

Where: 250 W. 50th St (off 8th Ave) – Suite 23L

When: Wednesday, July 30th, from 530 p.m – 930 p.m.

What: Sir Drake is having a BBQ with drinks from Natural Ice (to give it that well sought after frat-party feel) and Aristocrat Vodka.  Their summer line is going to be discounted (probably to what their website mark-down prices are) to make room for their Fall collection.

Who: Good looking people who know the Sir Drake guys, or read this blog.

Why: Because there is free food/drinks and clothes…what else do you want?!

This is a “friends and family” only event; however, we’re members of their Facebook group (which you should join by clicking here) and saw it on Facebook, so it must not be too private – – and you must be cool enough to go if you read this blog!

The Thompson L.E.S. “Opens”

July 29, 2008
Picture from

Picture from

The new hotel, Thompson L.E.S., across from the soon-to-be-hot-spot The Eldridge, is kind of open, but not really.  Curbed gives us a list of what is and what isn’t ready in the hotel yet.

Lobby: ready, beware rogue stepladders
· Second-floor lobby lounge: Seemingly ready; presence of blown glass decor detected from street
· Spa: not ready
· Andy Warhol swimming pool: not ready
· Restaurant not ready (N.B. restaurant name has just been revealed, and friendly woman on phone tells us that before the restaurant opens “we’ve made arrangements with local restaurants for delivery service,” aka, it seems they’ve collected some menus)
· Bar/rooftop bar: not ready
· In-room minibars: ready and, we quote, “fully stocked” (by Dean & Deluca)

Judging from the list of “ready and not ready” amenities, we say you need to wait a little bit before you want to do an overnight there anytime soon, with rates starting at $299/night.

New Blog Name?

July 29, 2008

We have been running domain through a re-direct off our website and wanted to run our blog directly through a new “” domain, but IT IS ALREADY TAKEN!! We need new domain names and since it is you (the readers) who have to type the domain name into the URL box to view our site, we’d like it if you can leave any suggestions in the comments page of what we should name the site. A new domain name and appearance of the blog should be in effect within one month so be on the lookout for AM Lifestyle 2.0!